Data Sheet
Wire of recharging depositing a manganese alloy charged for recharging on parts with manganese, subjected to the severe shocks - Under layer before hard recharging - Recharging of beaters, hammers, elements of crushers - Hammer-hardenable wire - Machining before work hardening.
Hardness: 25 HRC >hammer-hardening to 60 HRC
Data Sheet
Wire of recharging and reconstitution - Usable in underlayer before hard recharging - Resists the shocks very violent one - Hammer-hardening by working - Very well for parts of breakers - Assembly of the manganese steels - non-magnetic Deposit - Assemblies of the ways and shuntings of railroad.
Hardness: 22 to 25 HRC >hammer-hardening to 45 - 48 HRC.
Data Sheet
Wire of recharging for reconstitution of strongly worn parts - Good resistance to abrasion - Very good impact resistance - Employee for recharging of parts of breakers and crushers, hammers of crushers. Hardness: 58 to 61 HRC.
Data Sheet
Wire of recharging presenting a good compromise by combined shocks and abrasion - the deposit carried out is particularly resistant by shocks and intends it for recharging elements of crushers, hammers of garbage disintegrators, rotors of crushers Barmac type, choppers, edges of attaches cups.
Hardness: 47 to 51 HRC
Data Sheet
Wire of allied recharging depositing an alloy very resistant to abrasion and with the shocks - Good hot hardness until 500°C - Excellent compressive strength - For recharging of, blade blast furnace cones of drilling, hammer of crushers, screw of transport of hot materials, blade of cups.
Hardness: 56 to 60 HRC.

Data Sheet
Wire of recharging depositing an alloy containing boron carbides extremely resistant to abrasion with moderate shocks - Recommended for the protection of parts subjected to the wear by the ground, the ores and sands abrasive - For recharging of teeth and edges of attacks dragline excavator, blades of mixers, chains trailing, screw of transport, fanblades, arm of mixers, parts of slicers and drilling machines. Hardness: 63 to 67 HRC.
Data Sheet
Wire of recharging depositing a titanium carbide alloy resistant to severe abrasion under shocks violent one - Recommended for the recharging of hammers and beaters of breakers, screens of shocks and shieldings, teeth and edges of cups, rotors of crushers of the Barmac type.
Hardness: 59 to 62 HRC.

Data Sheet
Wire of recharging depositing a chromium carbide alloy charged resistant to severe abrasion under effects of shocks weak and average - Used for the recharging of parts subjected to wears by the aggressive ground, sand, abrasives - Arms of mixers, sheets of screens, pumps with sand, screw of transport, edges and teeth of cups.
Hardness: 62 to 64 HRC.

Data Sheet
Wire of recharging depositing complex a carbide alloy charged extremely resistant to abrasion under effects of shocks weak with means and temperatures until 300°C - Recommended for the sheet recharging of screens, sheets of hot wear, blades and arm of mixers, A.F.C. chains, screw of the moulding machines, pump wheels, blast furnace cones, scrapers, cutters.
Hardness: 63 to 65 HRC.

Data Sheet
Wire of recharging depositing a complex carbide alloy charged in great hardness and resistant to abrasion until 650°C, under effects of weak shocks with means - Recharging of bells of blast furnaces, hot screens, ventilators of agglomeration in iron and steel industry, screw of transport and heads of screw in the industry of ceramics, parts of crushers and breakers working under weak shocks and strong pressures, clod-crusher.
Hardness: 63 to 65 HRC with 20°C - 40 to 45 HRC with 600°C.

Data Sheet
Wire of recharging depositing an ultra-hard complex carbide alloy charged resisting abrasions extremely under weak shocks - Superior with the majority of filled wire intended for recharging - Recommended for protection with parts of pumps, arm and paddles mixers, screw of transport, teeth of dredgers, rollers of rolling, parts of wears in the industry of cement and the concrete.
Hardness: 65 to 70 HRC.

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